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Security Grilles
Our stylish security grilles are an effective prevention against crime and can enhance the appearance of many commercial or retail buildings.

The unobtrusive panels come in varying colours to suit individual company needs and are offered in either single stack or double stack options. Their careful design and construction ensure clear visibility and ventilation when closed, strong rolled steel sections uprights with a smooth operating mechanism which forms a neat curtain when pushed back.

Main frame is made from 1.5mm extruded aluminium; lipped channels form the main surrounding frame – size 35mm x 46mm x 35mm with fluted sides to give an attractive appearance. An interchangeable keyway enables the same extrusion to be used for double and single units. The over-lapping facility prevents access to the lock.

Low profile bottom rail is only 12.25mm high, specially designed for entrances. A neat low level door track fluted to match the main frame can be fitted.

Main uprights and cross links are constructed from 1mm thick galvanised steel with top edge double for extra strength.

Rivets are specially designed in two parts. The longest with an exceptionally neat circular flat head and plunged to a depth to accept a matching case hardened drive rivet. This gives an exceptional resistance against pull out.

Nylon components separate all steel and aluminium moving parts ensuring a smooth and quiet operation.

As optional extras you can have;
Single stack – bunch one side lock the other
Double stack – bunch slit half each side, lock in centre
Flexible stack – bunch floats and locks both sides
Fixed panel – fully framed matching units
Economy units – for smaller windows
Hinged bottom tracks
Whole stack to hinge aside
Top support beams – angles – matching brackets
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