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Domestic Shutters
This shutter is made of aluminium sections to protect property, public service buildings, etc. against vandalism and break-ins giving a discreet and effective crime prevention barrier. The shutters can be perforated to allow light or vision when closed (up to 60%).

Shutters can be operated:

internally by a rod crank or sash cord, alternatively outside using the push up pull down method.

with a manual override system in case of power failure allowing access at all times. This is operated via a rocker switch, key switch or remote control system.

Group commands are also available. These shutters come in a range of colours.

We also offer lightweight bar, counter shutters and grilles which can be designed to fit in with existing or new decor. Operation can be either manual or electrical with removable centre supports to help maximize any surface area. Fire rated shutters can also be incorporated for kitchen counter areas etc.
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