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Which racking system is best for my warehouse?

If you are in the exciting position of kitting out some new warehouse space from scratch, you need to consider very carefully what kind of items you will be storing, not just now but in the future. For some businesses the choice is easy, because the base stock is likely to be similar throughout the year, but others will find the decision more difficult due to differences in stock because of seasonal demands or even what particular project is being undertaken at the time.  

Pallet Racking

Many people find that pallet racking suits them best because then the load doesn’t necessarily have to be unloaded in smaller units. As long as inventory is clearly marked alongside each pallet – or stapled on to the wood – it is easy to keep tabs on what is in stock and where it is. Keeping track of where things are is always easier with larger units and so treating each pallet as one thing rather than the many parts of its load makes the paperwork easier. Pallet racking can be any height and with appropriate lifting equipment provided, a fairly small staff can perform the warehousing tasks needed. Pallet live and carton flow systems make this small staff even more effective, as there is no need to move items along as goods are picked; the semi-automated system does it instead.

Longspan shelving

For some industrial stockists, longspan shelving is a good starting point as it gives the opportunity for safe storage of the longest items that are likely to be held as inventory and if there are no large items at any particular moment, it can be used for shorter or smaller items as well. For any company likely to hold large items buying shelving for the maximum because although extending modules can be bought, it is simpler to have the right size from the beginning. If the only thing preventing the purchase of the larger racking units is price, it may be that there are suitable second hand items in stock – the list of available used items changes constantly and it is well worthwhile offering a ‘wish list’ of things a company may need now or in the future, for when it comes into stock.

Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking is suitable for pallets or for shelving and is a great saver in floor space as it consists of a central column on a heavy duty base on which the shelves sit securely. Cantilever racking is also very beneficial when it comes to cleaning, because with nothing on the lower shelves the floor beneath is easily accessible to either hand-operated or ride on sweepers and scrubbers. For anyone whose stock tends to create a lot of mess or dust, this is a very useful advantage as aisles don’t have to be as wide to allow manoeuvring of lifting and cleaning equipment. Cantilever racking is also more flexible as it can be moved relatively easily into different configurations.


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