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Effectively Controlling Access

There are many types of premises that would benefit from taking control of who can access their buildings. Office buildings, warehouses, factories, buildings of multiple occupancy and even public buildings with private areas (medical practices, retailers, council premises etc) need to make sure that those who need to be inside can get in easily but those that shouldn’t be are kept out. Obviously the most common solution is locks and keys but they do have their limitations. Keys can be lost or copied and human error can lead to doors not being locked when they should be and locked when they shouldn’t. There are also issues for those who only need access for a short period of time such as temporary staff or short term tenants.

An access control system can be a really good alternative. An access control, or door entry system as it’s also known, refers to an electronic system where access is controlled via a key pad, fob or card (or even biometric methods such as fingerprint or retina recognition). You will also probably need some sort of security lighting system to light up the area out of hours.

There are a number of advantages of an access control system over a traditional lock and key:

Doors can be kept locked at all times yet easily opened by those who have been authorised to

Fobs/cards are unique so you can see who is entering and when and who is currently on your premises

Fobs and cards can be deactivated remotely at any time (eg if an employee leaves, a tenant moves out or someone loses their card/fob)

Different access areas can be set so that each person’s fob/card/code could only allow them access to certain areas and these can be changed easily if required

You can be alerted if anyone tries to access at unusual times

Doors can be automatically unlocked in the case of an emergency such as a fire/evacuation

Codes can be changed regularly to maintain high security levels

Most types of businesses can benefit from access control, and even some homes such as those where the resident is unable to get to the door (such as someone with a disability or an elderly person). Systems should be professionally installed by an electronic security specialist who can also help with ongoing servicing and programming. Look for an SSAIB approved installer.


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