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The Benefits of using Steel for Warehouse Buildings

Only in May 2016, we read reports of the UK facing a shocking shortage of warehouse space owing to many years of a lack of development, alongside a boom in demand from the likes of e-commerce specialists has led many organisations fighting for space, resulting in large rents. Joint research from Savils and the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA), reports that in 2009, immediately prior to the financial crisis, there was 100m sqft of warehouse space on the UK market. As of May 2016 that figure was down to 30m sq ft – a grand total of 70% less. The need for development is crystal clear.

This means that there couldn’t be a better time to build a warehouse, whether for your own use or to rent out as a going concern. As the reality of Brexit starts to hit it may be possible to acquire some land at a decent price and then you will need to consider the particulars of your warehouse building. The obvious needs are speed, efficiency, durability and reliability and the type of construction that best ticks all these boxes involves steel warehouse buildings.

It is imperative that warehouses provide more than mere storage space. A steel building will offer long term durability, cheap and easy maintenance, security, weather and fire protection and flexibility moving forward. It really is the only choice for modern companies looking to get involved in warehousing or looking for storage space for their own products.

Why steel?

You really can uncover reason after reason as to why steel warehouse buildings are the only logical choice – from flexibility to expand to resilience against a plethora of extreme conditions and hazards, to cost-efficiency and low maintenance. We shall focus briefly on the key three S’s – Space, Speed and Security.


The more space inside your warehouse, the more rent you will receive. Simple maths. Steel warehouse buildings do not require columns to hold them up and so the interior space is maximised. In addition, as previously intimated, steel framed warehouse buildings are put together with bolts and so should expansion be required, then it is as simple (well, nearly) as undoing some bolts and adding more sections. This obviously saves money and time too. Another option is to install a mezzanine floor which gives you additional space without the need to expand.


Prefabrication to exact architectural designs off-site not only saves time and mess, reducing carbon footprint but it also makes things happen FAST. Simple design and construction guidelines make everything work like clockwork assuming you are in the hands of industry professionals. After all, many things change and evolve, but time is always money.


As a result of the simplicity of design, warehouses constructed from steel can be fitted out with flexible and extremely highly advanced security systems and lighting systems. Think of a steel building as a plain suit and the security system as a shirt and tie. It might look rather simple, but allows you to wear an elaborate shirt and tie to complement it! In addition to the ease with which complex security systems can be accommodated, steel framed warehouses will provide protection from the elements, most notably fire.


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